About the Digital Directory Website

The Digital Directory is a website owned and maintained by Reasonable Internet Limited (思齊互聯網有限公司). It is an open-source website built primarily for SEO purpose.

About the Reasonable Company

Our name 思齊 is originated from 論語里仁篇: 見賢思齊焉,見不賢而內自省也。" (Emulate those better than oneself, Lin Yutang translated) We make the best-class of software in the area of storage management and web-based business service by emulating the thinking of the world-class manufacturer. Reasonable(重情理) is another Chinese life logic that doing right is not enough, we have to take human nature into consideration. In the area of authoring software, we make humanized software. Unlike IT companies in Hong Kong, we primarily target our markets in English-speaking countries including US and UK. We authored our own software and have our own brands and intellectual properties. Unlike out-sourced IT company that customizes software for clients' requirements, we invent new software that changes business ways and everyone life. Unlike in-house IT department that think developers as cost centre, we see developers as asset and thus the status.