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Capsule Filler Capsule filler machine designed to fill hard gelatin capsules with powder, pellets or granular materials. It is durable and reliable encapsulators that fill dosages to the highest accuracy.
Chest Freezer Singapore Ultra low Temperature Upright and Chest Freezer are essential for any laboratory that's expected to meet the strict requirements regarding safety and temperature.
Decontamination Chamber Decontamination chamber has high level surface disinfection Room is an independent, modular unit suitable for product production and equipment loads in clean room and high control environments up to BSL4.
Diaphragm Pump Singapore KNF has established itself globally as a solution provider specializing in the development, design, production and distribution of diaphragm pumps and systems for handling gases and liquids.
Flammable Safety Cabinet Yakos65 Chemical Storage Flammable safety cabinets feature self-closing doors and integral vents with flash arrestors to prevent the chase of vapour ignition.
Homogeniser Machine IKA Ultra-Turrax T-25 Disperser homogenizer performs a variety of applications such as wastewater samples, laboratory reactors, dispersion under vacuum/pressure.
Laminar Flow Cabinet PCR Laminar Flow Cabinet is a type of ventilated enclosure with a vertical laminar airflow and provides product production for your PCR reagents and samples.
Laminar Flow Cabinet PCR Laminar Flow Cabinet is a type of ventilated enclosure with a vertical laminar airflow and provides product production for your PCR reagents and samples.
PCR Thermal Cycler Thermal Cycler models designed to meet critical requirements for all kinds of PCR processes, such as, Gradient PCR, Touch down PCR, High throughput PCR, in situ PCR and so on.
Safety Laboratory Gas Burner Laboratory Gas Burner used for short time heating of samples or liquids and it provides safe, portable flame applications in your lab or work environment.
Sample Preparation Equipments Sample preparation equipment finds its place in all analysis laboratories in the chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental and food industries and offers optimal support wherever speed, accuracy and reliability are required.
Shaking Water Bath Clifton Analogue Shaking water bath, featuring analog temperature and shaking speed control available with a broad range of accessory trays, flask clips, and racks ensures flexibility for routine and specialized incubations.
Spectroscopy Instrument The Grammont 2172 is a nanometer resolution spectroscopy instrument, based on a disruptive technology called Quantitative Cathodoluminescence, that tightly integrates a scanning electron microscope and a light microscope into one tool.
Tablet Hardness Testing Tablet Hardness Tester used for tracking quick reading for the hardness of tablets. And capable of testing virtually all tablet shapes and can easily be programmed to meet your individual testing requirements.
Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Arctiko ULUF 750 Ultra low temperature upright freezer has -86°C range are products of our passion, striving for excellence when we offer the best in ultra low temperature freezing.
Veterinary Anesthesia Equipment Anesthesia machines are specially designed for small pets such as reptiles, birds, cats, and small mammals and it longtime favorite of veterinary professionals around the world for inhalation anesthesia delivery.
Water Bath Equipment Laboratory water bath equipment made from a container filled with heated water. It is used to incubate samples in water at a constant temperature over a long period of time.

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