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A Chefs Help Offers worldwide recipes, menus to order, help with cooking problems, wine selection, reviews and related items.
Canned Food Alliance A consortium of steelmakers, canmakers, food processors and canned food brands promoting the nutritional and convenience benefits of canned food. Features a recipe database, bulletin board, online surveys, recipe contest and tips on health, lifestyles and timesaving.
Chef Talk Culinary page with recipes and information.
CookingIndex.com Directory of cooking resources with recipes and cooking links.
CooksRecipes.com A cooking site offering online culinary help, a searchable index of recipes, daily tips and trivia.
Culinary.net Recipes, cooking tips, food forums, articles, columns, contests, and product offers.
Doctor Gourmet Recipes, news, tips, techniques, food ratings, links and information to helping to eat well and healthy.
Foodgeeks.com Sharing site offering a collection of over 6000 recipes, discussion group and recipe box available. Also offers newsletter.
Good Cooking Presents a wide range of recipes and information on general or gourmet cooking, world cuisines, and wine. Offers cooking definitions, facts, a forum, and professional recipes.
Hannaford Supermarkets A large collection of recipes, food safety and preparation tips.
KitchenDaily Offers recipes, how-to videos, cooking tips and menus.
Mimi's Cyber Kitchen Recipes, exchanges, cookbook and software reviews, archive of the rec.food.cuisine.jewish newsgroup, and Mimi s personal collection.
Ochef.com Provides answers to cooking questions, as well as daily recipes, cookbook reviews, and food and cooking news.
PerfectEntertaining.com Cooking, recipes and book reviews.
Recipe Tips .Com Features recipes along with kitchen tips, techniques, and advice.
The Cooking Inn Offers recipes, cookbook reviews, and a library section featuring articles on various subjects.
The Food Channel Food information, recipes, entertainment, trend information, dining advice, and food discussions.
The Love Chef Recipes, and weekly cooking, restaurant and shopping tips.

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