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IGC - Institute for Global Communications Nonprofit, provides alternative sources of information, and comprehensive Internet services for progressive individuals and organizations.
MillionSoulsAware.org A not-for-profit project aiming to raise awareness of issues of concern. Once a million persons have read the current featured article, the site will cover another topic.

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abortion     ru-486 and medical abortion     pro-choice     pro-life
animal welfare     animal experiments - vivisection     specific animals     animal rights     farming     legal
apathy     personal pages
business     corporate environmentalism     allegedly unethical firms     corporate accountability     corporate crime     advertising
chats and forums     venting or ranting     mailing lists
children, youth and family     service organizations     advocacy groups     child abduction     child poverty     child abuse
church-state relations     pro-integration     pro-separation     public schools     regional
conspiracy     magazines and e-zines     new world order     global elite     chemtrails     satire
crime and justice     police misconduct     juvenile justice     injustice     prisons     gangs
disabilities     accessibility     sexuality     advocacy     abuse
economic     public private partnerships     environmental     international     privatization     taxation
education     standardized testing     education reform     grade inflation     school choice     literacy
end-of-life     right to life     right to die     infanticide     euthanasia
environment     light pollution     noise pollution     climate change     organizations     energy
family planning     emergency contraception     natural family planning     organizations     condoms     history
fraud     business opportunities     advance fee fraud     investment     charities     internet
gambling     anti-gambling     pro-gambling
gay, lesbian, and bisexual     orientation vs preference     boy scouts of america     hate crimes     inclusion     ex-gay
global     aid and development     hegemonism
government operations     western hemisphere institute for security cooperation     freedom of information     government secrecy     conscription     census
gun control     anti-gun rights     news and media     pro-gun rights
health     health policy     mental health     body image     alcohol     tobacco
housing     affordable and low income housing     tenant rights     fair housing
human rights and liberties     advocacy organizations     news and media     refugee rights     free speech     privacy
immigration     research groups     news and media     support groups     brain drain     statistics
intellectual property     digital rights management     free access theory     genetic resources     organizations     copyrights
labor     migrant workers     minimum wage     pro-business     living wage     slavery
language     political correctness     official english     preservation
micronations     business and tax havens     non-territorial     north america     geofictional     europe
multi-issue publications
older citizens     articles
online issues polls
peace     activism and peace work     policy institutes     personal pages     art and music     peace studies
personal multi-issues pages     b     m     p     s     w
policy institutes     a     c     i     m     n
poverty     end of poverty     basic income     homelessness     welfare     hunger
property rights     regulatory takings     eminent domain     public access     forfeiture
race-ethnic-religious relations     holocaust denial     race and racism     organizations     anti-racism     hate
science and technology     biotechnology     cell phones     metrication     computers     nuclear
survivalism     survivalist groups
territorial disputes     falkland islands     united states     chechnya     kashmir     ladakh
terrorism     biological and chemical     terrorist organizations     articles and reports     research centers     incidents
transportation     public transportation     roads and highways     activism     aviation     autos
violence and abuse     family violence     prevention     workplace     elder     youth
warfare and conflict     specific conflicts     planetary defense     future issues     disarmament     arms trade