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Exploratorium: Science Of Gardening Features articles and videos on several topics, including gardening with nature, carnivorous plants, soils, fruits, and vegetables, propagation, and plant reproduction.
Garden Ideas Articles and advice on a variety of gardening topics.
Hort.net Offers a collection of garden reference materials, including a plant gallery and profiles, archives of mailing lists, gardening news, and links.
Let's Go Gardening General gardening site, with versions geared towards US and UK gardeners. Tips and articles, informational resources, links to events, societies, and public gardens, and a forum.
LoveToKnow Garden Short informational articles on gardening topics, vegetables, and ornamental plants, contributed and edited by users.
MyGardenGuide Offers plant database with photos and summary information, questions and answers on various garden topics, and a garden weblog.
Ohio State University PlantFacts Collection of horticultural resources, including a search engine drawing from U.S. university factsheets, plant image database, how-to videos, illustrated FAQs, and glossary.
P. Allen Smith Garden Home TV host, writer, and professional gardener, P. Allen Smith provides tips on a variety of gardening topics, along with his biography, recipes, and instructional videos.
The Garden Helper Offers basic information, seasonal tips and task lists, plant indexes by common and botanical names, and advice on soil, fertilizers, pest, and weeds.
Yardener.com Lawn and garden resources for homeowners whose garden is not their hobby. Includes information and care data for many plants, shrubs, and trees, and dealing with pests and problems.

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