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4-Bid.com Minnesota based online sales, offering items such as vehicles, furniture and homeware.
Affiliated Auctions and Realty LLC Headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida. Sells real estate, house clearance and automobiles in addition to regular lots. Bidding can be done online, on site of house clearances, or at the auction house. Shows upcoming and past events and items for sale.
Anue Bid Sellers offering items such as clothing and home and garden products.
AtOncer Categories include maritime, rugs and carpets and furniture.
Auction Fire Offers a variety of categories. Includes image hosting, consignment service, message board and fraud alerts.
Auction Nation LLC Sells items from business liquidations and estate clearances. Also sells automobiles. Can be searched for by state or category.
Auction Solutions Inc. Nebraska, USA based auction house allowing remote bidding. Sells stock from business liquidation, real estate, auto-vehicles and collectibles. Appraisal information, FAQs and contact details.
AuctionQuests Allows users to buy, sell, and trade in a large variety of categories such as electronics, cars, clothing, collectibles, books, computers, and antiques.
Auction-Warehouse Items sorted into categories including clothing, coins and jewelry.
Aumann Auctions, Inc. Sells antiques, collectibles, real estate, farm machinery, land and commercial property.
BetuBid.com Also offers classifieds. Items organized into categories. Advanced search feature and pricing information.
Bid4Assets Offering jewelry, real estate, and personal property.
BidMate Auction site offering new and used goods, with free membership, blogs and forums.
BidorBuy.co.za South Africa based. Also lists classifieds. Categories include baby, electronics and stamps.
BidzWin Products sold by one retailer in a penny bidding format. Items include small kitchen appliances, computers and peripherals, board games and bags.
Christie's Offices worldwide. Sells items such as fine art, antiques, wine and real estate. Offers some exclusive lots online. Provides a company history, a calendar of upcoming sales, a list of worldwide events and expert insights into upcoming lots.
Colorado County Estate Sales Based in Denver. Displays a list of items currently for sale and provides a blog.
Cowan’s Auctions Antiques auctions in Cincinnati, Ohio and Denver, Colorado, and firearms auctions located in Anaheim, California, also offering online bidding.
CQout Wide variety of products including arts, books, fashion, housewears and jewelry.
DealDash Retailer selling items using the bidding format. The customer must purchase bid packs to participate. Includes a page listing the latest winners.
eBay International person to person auction site, with products sorted into categories.
eBid Ltd Offering a auction listings organized by category and by location. Featuring sections for the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Ireland.
EzyAuctioNZ.co.nz Free listings which can be browsed by category, those closing soon and classifieds only. Also offers a forum.
General Services Administration Auctions U.S. government offers a wide array of federal assets. Surplus, seized and forfeited assets are available for bidding.
GoSwap.org House and land permanent exchange and vehicle trade.
Grand Rapids Online Auction Located in Michigan. Goods are kept onsite. Selling house clearance items and items in categories such as coins, clothing and jewelry.
Huggins and Scott Specialising in baseball cards and sports memorabilia, also other collecribles.
Listia Based on a credit system. Categories include posters, cell phones and pets.
Lone Star Auctioneers Selling surplus, seized and unclaimed property including automobiles and kitchen appliances.
Loveland Online Auctions LLC Specializing in estate liquidations, based in Ohio. Selling vintage, collectibles and regular household items. Displays previous sales and their results as well as the current catalog.
Macs Bids A company based in two locations in Missouri, offering items they have sourced for resale. Items include coins, jewelry and books.
Mayo Auction and Realty Auction houses in Kansas and Missouri, USA, offering remote bidding. Auto vehicles, firearms and collectibles sold as well as general merchandise.
Omega Auctions Based in Cheshire, UK. An auction house also offering online bidding. With goods sold in a variety of categories such as music-related, antiques and house clearance. Offers buying and selling information and testimonials.
OrangeBidz Retailer selling new items in a penny auction format. Goods are varied and include such items as Amish popcorn, paper plates and store gift cards.
PaddyGold Ltd Penny auction format. Sells consumer electronics such as cameras, monitors and iPads.
PropertyRoom.com Selling seized,stolen and abandoned goods in co-operation with law enforcement agencies. Items are varied, including art, electronics and computers. Provides company information and a blog.
Proxibid Provides live Internet bidding services with streaming audio and video to real brick and mortar auction companies.
QuiBids Bids must be purchased to participate. Products include kitchen mixers, bracelets and dog beds. Includes games and a help 101.
Razzle Enterprises LLC Offers penny auctions selling items such as gift cards, bid packages and bicycles. Includes a blog.
Romahawk Includes jewelry, music, collectibles, video games and personal care.
SalvageSale, Inc. Claims recovery and commercial salvage.
Sam's Club Includes apparel, electronics, computers and software, jewelry, and toys.
StarBid Sells currencies in a penny auction format. Gives tips and strategies. Based in Sweden.
Storage Treasures LLC A self-storage company selling abandoned belongings. Includes a search for physical locations, listings with pictures and bidding information.
Sunrise Bidders, Inc. Items are available through bidding or immediate purchase with categories including computers, jewelry and sports.
Trade Me Free online auctions and classifieds for New Zealanders.
Tradeaway Find, sell, trade, barter, buy any new/used item, service or real estate.
UniSquare Organized into categories.
WeBidz Categories include music, stamps and sporting goods.
Webstore Allows users to buy and sell goods in a range of categories. Various currencies supported.

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