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Angels and Ghosts Articles. Also exploring demons, spirits and other phenomena such as the Near Death Experience and reincarnation.
Booger Lights Blog detailing luminary anomalies from across the American South.
Disclose.tv Video sharing community. Includes videos and forum.
Dream Energy Academy Online school offering a number of courses covering subjects such as distant healing, telepathy and yoga. Provides videos and photographs and a profile of the teachers.
Etemenanki Subjects discussed include hidden history/reality of Earth, mythology, symbology, prophecies, ancient/esoteric traditions, Atlantis, Mars, secret societies, and grand conspiracies, decoding patterns and symbols of worldly phenomena.
Gef - The Eighth Wonder of the World Explores the case of this talking mongoose, a poltergeist-like entity who allegedly haunted a family on the Isle of Man in the early 1930 s. Overview of the story plus information about investigations.
Hercolubus or Red Planet Free book available by mail, about earth changes, extraterrestrials, astral projection and consciousness growth.
Hidden Influences Paranormal Interactive tools including dream interpretation and a color therapy test. Blog.
John E.L. Tenney's Weird Lectures Lists upcoming events and booking information. Includes media mentions and some articles.
LoveToKnow: Paranormal Topics include ghost cams, hauntings, astral projection, psychic abilities and ouija board stories.
Midnight Hollow Articles posted in categories such as ghosts, UFOs, the unexplained and legends.
Mostly Ghosts Also includes unexplained phenomena and UFOs. Pictures, videos and EVP recordings.
Mysterious Britain Resource highlighting the ghosts, legends, folklore, and paranormal mysteries within the British Isles.
MysteryPile Categories include ancient aliens, spiritual beliefs, time and space and natural phenomena.
Mystic Mouse Offers articles on subjects such as crop circles, Tarot, Tantra, scrying and Reiki. Also offers links.
Mystical Blaze Dealing with the exploration of paranormal topics, including ghosts, psychics, afterlife, and UFOs.
Occult Mystery Covers topics such as black magic, myths, numerology and palmistry.
Odd Encounters Articles about interactions with ghosts, UFOs and cryptids. Contact details for reader submissions.
Panicd Database of haunted locations. A parapedia (encyclopedia of the paranormal), profiles of the investigative team and personal experiences.
ParaResearchers Articles covering topics such as Ontario UFOs, alien experiences, ghosts and hauntings and folklore.
Project Camelot Provides video interviews with people, including whistle blowers. Topics covered include conspiracies, remote viewing and UFOs. Posts events and a blog.
Project X An on-line spiritual community that shares personal supernatural experiences.
Psychic Revolution Articles, images and videos on such subjects as the afterlife, ghost stories and unexplained mysteries.
Psychic Science International network and community designed to bring together individuals with interests in metaphysics, psychical phenomena and parapsychology.
Scare Diaries User submitted tales sorted into categories such as demons, dreams and ghosts.
Sixty Seven Not Out Blog covering subjects such as coincidences, life after death and out of body experiences.
Spirit Home An eye on the paranormal offers information about mysterious secrets and phenomena.
Strangemag.com -Time Travel Features articles, movie and book reviews.
Subconscious Perception Submit, share and view great stories, dreams and experiences.
The Ghost Diaries Articles in categories such as aliens, unexplained and conspiracies.
the Mystica Contains articles on a variety of topics including ESP, bilocation, Psi, telepathy, psychokinesis and auras.
The Psychics Forum Blog covering various subjects.
The Red Pill Wiki with articles covering subjects such as aliens, conspiracies and cryptozoology.
The Shadowlands: Mysteries and the Unexplained Numerous areas of the supernatural world are covered in detail. Topics range from Bigfoot to the Jersey Devil, to sea serpents and lake monsters, to Spring Heeled Jack.
The Smokey Mirror News and articles on such subjects as ghosts, UFOs and Big Brother .
The Time Travel Tale of John Titor This site contains the posts of a time traveler describing the year 2036. Includes photos of his reported time machine.
TheParanormal.ca Videos, stories and short films on ghosts and UFOs. Also offers news.
Truth Seeker Forum Provides information on ongoing research, exploration and enlightened discussion of subjects such as UFO close encounters, Bigfoot and health sciences.
Veritas Society An online community teaching their approach to the metaphysical arts, such as psi, chi, and magick, through a wiki and public forums.
Whales in Space Articles covering subjects such as sasquatch, UFOs and cryptids. Sighting submission and contact form.

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