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British Columbia Disc Sports Society Governing body of disc sports in the Canadian province. Includes links, contacts, rules, upcoming events, and photographs.
Fricket.org The official site of a sport also known as cups which is played by two teams of one or two people taking alternating attempts to knock cups off the other team s two bamboo stakes with a frisbee.
Israeli Frisbee Players Area teams, player listing, related links, tutorials and description of the sport and contacts.
NEFA Schedule Schedule and results of flying disc tournaments and events in New England.
Pakistan Flying Disc Federation Covers ultimate, freestyle, discgolf, and field events. Contains its bylaws, descriptions of the sports, a staff listing, the organization chart, and a list of member associations.
WFDF Official Rules of Flying Disc Sports Official rules of guts, double disc court, discathon, ultimate frisbee, freestyle and disc golf in an outline form.
World Flying Disc Federation Upcoming events, administration, official sport rules, membership details, meeting minutes and related links.

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