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Agat Emulator Open source Apple 2 and Agat 7/9 emulator.
Altair32 An open source Altair emulator for Windows.
cinc An open source Bell Labs cardiac emulator for Linux and Windows/Cygwin.
CP/M An open source CP/M-80 ver2.2 emulator for MacOS.
Desktop Cyber A CDC (Control Data Corporation) Cyber 6x00, 7x or 17x type mainframe emulator for Windows or Unix.
Emu28 An open source HP18C/28C emulator for Windows.
Emu48 An open source HP38/39/40/48/49 emulator for Windows.
Emu51 An open source 8051 emulator for Linux and Windows.
Emu71 Open Source HP71B Emulator for Windows.
Emulator2001 and DSVZ200 Freeware Arcadia 2001 and VZ200/VZ300 emulators for Windows.
Emuviews Great emulation page maintained by JoseQ, maker of the famous Rumor Mill, many downloads, great layout - some hosted sites.
Free42 Open source HP-42S emulator for Android, Linux/i386, Mac OS, PalmOS, Pocket PC, Windows, and Zaurus X/Qt.
FunnyMu A freeware Creativision, Funvision, and Whizzard emulator for Linux/SDL.
GXemul An open source full-system computer architecture emulation framework for Unix-like systems. Screenshots, download, and documentation.
HP15c Shareware HP-15C emulator for Windows.
Japanese Computer Emulation Centre A site dedicated to the emulation of Japanese Machines including X68000, PC6001, PC88, PC98, MSX 1/2/R, Sharp MZ, Sharp X1, Fujitsu FM7, and Fujitsu FM Towns.
KCemu An open source emulator of the KC85 homecomputer series for Linux and Windows.
mic1 A Java-based simulator which implements the Mic-1 microarchitecture described in Chapter 4 of Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Structured Computer Organization, Fourth Edition. [Open source, GPL]
PCE Open source Atari ST, IBM PC 5150, Macintosh, and RC759 Piccoline emulators for Unix and Windows.
PearPC An open source PowerPC emulator for Unix and Windows.
QDAE Open source Apricot emulator for Linux and Windows.
SIMH An open source collection of emulators for Windows of historical computers, including GRI-909, HP 2116/2100/21MX, IBM 1401/1620/1130/System 3, PDP-1/4/7-11/15/VAX. Also provides software kits, system photographs, and technical papers.
Solace An open source Sol-20 emulator for Windows.
st20emu A freeware ST20 emulator for DOS.
UKNCBTL An open source UKNC (MS 0511) emulator for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.
vmips An open source MIPS R3000 emulator for Unix.
WinTVC Freeware Videoton TV Computer emulator for Windows.
XRoar Open source Dragon 32/64 and Tandy CoCo emulator for GP32, Linux, MacOS/PPC, Nintendo DS, and Windows.

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