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American Childhood Cancer Foundation Dedicated to serving children with cancer who are being or have been treated at Western Washington hospitals and their immediate and extended family members, survivors, health care professionals, and bereaved families.
Center for the Study of Philanthropy Follows trends in international, multicultural and women s philanthropy, features electronic conference information, research tools, programs, and publications.
Charity Wire Provides charity news, fundraising ideas, ten ways to help, directory of non-profit organizations, and a FAQ.
Evergreen Charitable Trust Exists to help build charitable endowments through life-insurance policies. Includes various plans, FAQs, glossary, example transactions, and contact information.
Fidelity Charitable Offers two charitable giving programs - a donor-advised fund, and a Pooled Income Fund providing immediate tax benefits and the flexibility to support any IRS-qualified U.S. public charity.
GiveSpot.com Philanthropic portal aids in finding charitable opportunities online. Provides information on research foundations and non-profits, volunteer projects, research on social issues, and resources.
How Philanthropy Works Article explaining the various ways in which you can support charitable organizations, how to make sure a charity is legitimate, how philanthropies work, and links to resources.
International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR) Promotes research and education in the philanthropy, civil society and nonprofit sectors. Includes membership information, affinity groups, conferences, and publications.
Jewish Communal Fund Provides donors the opportunity to simplify their charitable giving and maximize tax savings through the use of donor-advised funds.
JustGive.org Connects people with charities and causes. Provides a searchable nonprofit database, ways to give, donor info, inspiring stories and quotes, newsletter, and nonprofit resources.
More Than Money An organization that helps wealthy people learn to use their resources to create a better world. Features a quarterly journal, membership information, events, discussions, coaching groups, and an online store.
National Center for Family Philanthropy Encourages families and individuals to create and sustain philanthropic family foundations. Offers programs, publications, articles, resource links, a newsletter, calendar of events, and a FAQ.
National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy Committed to making organized philanthropy more responsive to socially, economically and politically disenfranchised people. Features publications, current projects, and membership information.
National Philanthropic Trust Helps people create donor-advised funds to support charities, while maximizing tax deductions and eliminating paperwork. Features mission statement, guides, and philanthropic resources.
Network for Good Uses the web to help people get more involved in philanthropy in the U.S. Features nonprofit resources, online donation forms, volunteer opportunities, and crisis relief news.
onPhilanthropy A global resource for non-profit and philanthropy professionals. It is free of charge and features several e-mail newsletters.
Philanthropy Roundtable Association of nonprofit professionals and private donors. Features organization profile, history, email newsletter, the magazine Philanthropy , online store, and meetings information.
Philanthropy Women Offers articles on research and conversation.
Resource Generation Offers a variety of programs for young people with wealth to explore how their financial resources relate to social justice and provide tools for them to take action. Also offers forums to promote cross class and intergenerational dialogues about money, class, and philanthropy.
Schwab Charitable A national donor-advised fund whose mission is to increase charitable giving in the United States by offering ways to give, useful information and guidance.
The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University An interdisciplinery academic center headquartered at Indiana University that seeks to increase the understanding of philanthropy and improve its practice through research, teaching, and public service.
The Charity Guide A searchable database of local charities. Includes tips for donors, new listings submission, and contact information.
The Chronicle of Philanthropy News source for charity leaders, fund raisers, grant makers, and others involved in philanthropic enterprises.
The Guardian - Charitable Giving News, analysis and commentary on charitable giving.
The Philanthropic Initiative Non-profit organization promotes growth of strategic philanthropy through research, educational programming, and consulting services. Provides profile of services, philanthropy articles, forum, email list, and events calendar.
The Philanthropy Workshop Aims to promote philanthropy via research, debate, publications and by encouraging the philanthropic sector in Britain. Includes research and study opportunities, areas of activity, newsletter, and contact information.
The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving A national (USA) donor-advised fund.
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Helps individuals setup a donor-advised fund and choose which charities will benefit. Includes fee structure, program overview, benefits, giving options, brochures, and contact information.

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