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Alien Enigma Offers exchange between people who have UFO experience. Includes, how to tell if you are an abductee, personal accounts, pictures and links.
Alien Invasion Believes extra-terrestrials have infiltrated the world. Includes articles for protection and information about abduction.
Aliens the Truth Offers government records, details of encounters and mysteries.
Best UFO Resources Includes pictures, videos, classic cases, books, papers and research studies.
Chasing UFOs Features live space feeds and audio stories. Also archives radio shows from Coast to Coast AM.
Condon Report The 1968 Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects is presented complete with graphics, equations and photographs.
First Encounter Ancient and modern encounters with extraterrestrials.
General Protocol (for) Human/Alien Contact This is a general, formalized protocol containing: vital assessments for all future Human/Alien encounters. Printed manual version available.
Guy Malone Author and lecturer on Rosswell and UFO phenomena.
HowStuffWorks: How Aliens Might Work Illustrated article examines astrobiology, the scientific search for extraterrestrial life.
JTC About pre-1960 ufo-like phenomena from many decades and centuries ago. Includes articles about auroras, meteors, singular phenomena, apparitions and even strange airships, hoaxes, humanoids, inventors and anomalies.
Path to the Source The purpose of this site is to present extra-terrestrial contact experiences, e.t. philosophy, missing time and para-normal experiences.
The Ancestry of Man Puts forward the argument that mankind came from an alien species. Includes links.
The Extraterrestrials Free e-book detailing the negative events about to unfold on our planet according to the author. Brief biography and mantras to repeat.
The WHY Files Presents an overview of the subject and related matter. Covers topics such as abduction, alien autopsy, animal mutilations, Area 51, black triangles, conspiracy, men in black, Roswell, The Phoenix Lights and Spennymoor Lights. Offers links and a contact email address for the author and the webmaster.
Top10UFO Provides images, videos and writings about aliens, anomalies, crop circles and sightings.
UFO and Alien Information Blog posting related news.
UFO Area Offers information about UFOs, ancient astronauts, crashes and sightings, flying triangles, and Puerto Rico.
UFO Evidence In-depth, quality and scientific research on the UFO phenomenon.
UFO Folklore Articles covering topics such as alien types and sightings (by place or person), quotes, recommended books and FAQs.
UFO Infosite Information on UFO s, space and NASA.
UFO Research Center Offers photos, video clips, image analysis, research, discussion forum and reports on UFO sightings and extraterrestrial encounters.
UFO Skeptic An information site on the UFO phenomenon by and for professional scientists.
UFO2U Features alien conversations with a weekly questions and answers forum, submitted paranormal stories, author Heidi Hollis, UFO2U group, and a unique alien gallery.
UFOINFO Providing information regarding a wide range of UFO topics, an assortment of bulletins, links to organisations, magazines and a site search engine.
UFOs: State of the Evidence 2000 On-line article concerning the present juncture of the ufology v. Hard-science conflict of the last 50+ years.
World UFOs Aims to document supporting evidence. News, resources, contact form and FAQs.

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