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Bryce's RPG Humor Chat logs of conversations regarding the joys and tribulations of roleplaying games.
Call of Cthulhu Humor Songs including Calypso , Cecilia , Something Happening Here , See Spot Cringe ,and The Ideal CoC Investigation .
Canonical List of Famous Last Words An array of phrases split into groups of 250.
Guide To Banging Your Head Into A Wall Rules for the d20 system describing damage mechanics.
I Won't Wear It! Collection of humorous covers from The Wild Hunt , magazine of the MIT Strategic Games Society.
Middle Oerth Dedicated to stories and a top ten.
Role Playing Public Radio A list of comedic sketches by the Role Playing Public Radio Podcast.
Roleplaying Laughs Jokes covering several games.
RPG.net: Humor and Bananas A directory of table-top jokes and stories.
The Gamers Presents a humorous low budget movie depicting roleplaying college students and the adventures their gaming alter egos. Site includes plot, cast and crew, media, screenings, a store, and forums.
Vague: Roleplay Rules, characters, creatures, and stories with a irreverent flavor.

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