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Arden's Sydney Magazine of Politics and General Literature (1843) Originally edited by George Arden, this short-lived publication lasted two months - September and October 1843. Archive provides scans of 171 pages the three issues produced.
Australasian Odd Fellows' Quarterly Magazine (1845) Intended to be quarterly but only ever releasing one edition in July 1845, scans of all 48 pages can be viewed at this archive.
Back Issue Newspapers Back-issue service covering UK news[a[ers. Shop for old newspapers.
Bee of Australia (1844) PDF archive of weekly Sydney-based newspaper which lasted eight issues from October 19, 1844 to December 7, 1844.
British Library - Newspapers and Journals National archive collections include abstracts and indexes, full-text word-searchable newspapers and journals, chronological and subject-based news and newspaper guides, and other newspaper electronic resources.
British Pathe News Footage from historic cinema newsreel, available for licensing. Includes on-line catalog search facility. Full collection digitized and available for download.
CBC Archives Hundreds of radio and television clips from the archives of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
Colonial Literary Journal and Weekly Miscellany of Useful Information (1844-1845) PDF archive housing 208 pages from the 40 editions published between June 1844 and March 1845.
Colonial Observer (1841-1844) Includes page gallery from edition 1 to 39. Along with its sub-title Weekly Journal of Politics, Commerce, Agriculture, Literature, Science and Religion for the Colony of New South Wales , this paper was renamed The Sentinel in 1845.
Commercial Journal and Advertiser (1835-1840) Weekly Sydney-based paper later renamed the Free Press and Commercial Journal. Although incomplete, this archive holds many page scans from issues 19 to 540.
Commercial Journal and General Advertiser (1845) Published by William Jones, this title underwent various name changes during its 35 semiweekly issues from April to August, 1845. Page gallery displays each page.
Cumberland Times (1846) Page archive scanned from edition 106 to edition 127 - all printed in 1846. Newspaper had previously held the titles of Parramatta Chronicle and Cumberland General Advertiser, among other names.
Democracy at War The Canadian War Museum s archive of Canadian newspapers from the Second World War. In French and English.
Dispatch (1842-1844) Page gallery from editions 1 to 61. Title changed to Sydney Dispatch as of edition 41 printed August 10, 1844.
Examiner (1845) Page archive spanning most editions from 9 August to when the publication ceased in 1 November, 1845.
Free Press and Commercial Journal (1841) Page scans from issues 1 to 51 published throughout the first six months of 1841. Former title was the Commercial Journal and Advertiser, and this paper was later renamed the Sydney Free Press.
Geelong Advertiser (1840-1845) Digital archive of 800 pages from the first edition on November 21, 1840 through to edition number 314 on May 21, 1845. News about early development of Geelong, Australia.
Geelong Advertiser and Squatters Advocate (1845) Formerly the Geelong Advertiser, this digital archive holds 210 pages from edition 316 (May 28, 1845) to edition 505 (October 1, 1845).
Hunter River Gazette (1841-1842) Page gallery of editions 1 to 29 of this West Maitland weekly publication.
InfoZone News Museum Video and information about an interactive and themed exhibit at the Robert Hoag Rawlings Public Library in Pueblo, Colorado. Showcases the evolution of the newspaper industry.
Irish Newspaper Archive Online archive of Irish news publications from 1763 up to the present. Search and the first 10 page views are free.
Loyola Libraries - Research Guides: News & Current Events Annotated lists of online news services, newspaper archives, and newspaper directories.
Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser (1843-1855) Page gallery of edition 1 to 1199. This paper was later split to form the Maitland Daily Mercury, and the Maitland Weekly Mercury.
Melbourne Courier (1845-1846) Published by Samuel Goode, this newspaper was formerly known as The Melbourne Weekly Courier. This digital archive contains 467 pages scanned from edition 66 (June 16, 1845) through to edition 193 (March 13, 1846).
Melbourne Times (1842-1843) Archive of 394 pages scanned from the first 117 editions of this paper spanning April 9, 1842 to December 29, 1843.
Melbourne Weekly Courier (1844-1845) Archival page scans from editions 1 to 65 (January 6, 1844 to March 28, 1845). Title then changes its name to The Melbourne Courier.
Museum of Broadcast Communications (MBC) Features educational programs, exhibits and searchable archives of television and radio programs, newscasts and commercials. Video clips, photo galleries, membership information, online shopping and email newsletter. Chicago, USA.
New South Wales Examiner (1842) Page archive of semi-weekly publication in print for 69 editions from April to October 1842.
New South Wales Magazine (1843) Page scans of 11 editions of this monthly publication which described itself as a journal of general politics, literature, science, and the arts .
Newseum Interactive museum of news with behind-the-scenes views of how and why news is made. Hands-on exhibits trace five centuries of news gathering.
NewsLibrary Searchable archives of articles from major newspapers across the country.
Newspaper Archives on the Web Maintained by News Division volunteers of the Special Libraries Association.
Newspapers.com Subscribe to search and browse an archive housing clippings, articles and newspapers from around the world. Seven-day free trial access is also offered.
Omnibus and Sydney Spectator (1841-1843) Page scans from this weekly periodical.
Parramatta Chronicle (1843-1845) Later changing its name to The Cumberland Times, this page gallery contains the weekly editions 1 to 92 from December 1843 to September 1845.
Port Phillip Magazine (1843) Scans from all 192 pages of this short-lived monthly publication from edition 1 in January 1843 to edition 4 in April of the same year. Reference point for early development of Victoria, Australia.
Satirist and Sporting Chronicle (1843) Page scans from editions 1 to 11 of this weekly publication.
Shipping Gazette and Sydney General Trade List (1844-1855) Gallery of 284 page scans from edition 1 to 608 of this weekly title published by Charles Kemp and John Fairfax.
South Asian Research Centre for Advertisement,Journalism & Cartoons View rare cartoons, press extracts from British Raj era, and a regular newspaper watch. Aim to build an archival depository related to Indian cartoons, advertisements and journalism.
Sun and New South Wales Independent Press (1843) Gallery of the pages scanned from editions 1 to 18.
Sydney Free Press (1841-1842) Biweekly previously published as the Free press and Commercial Journal. This site hold page scans from July 1841 to June 1842.
Sydney Protestant Magazine (1840-1841) Scans of 318 pages from edition 1 to 10 of this weekly publication.
Sydney Record (1843-1844) Page gallery of 208 scans from editions 1 to 27 of this weekly publication.
Teetotaller and General Newspaper (1842-1843) Formerly published as The Temperance Advocate and Australasian Commercial and Agricultural Intelligencer. Page scans from 89 editions of this weekly publication.
The Atlas (1844-1848) Priced at eight-pence, this weekly newspaper printed and published by Daniel Lovett Welch carried the sub-title: Sydney Weekly Journal of Politics, Commerce and Literature. This archive carries 640 pages from 214 editions spanning November 30, 1844 to December 30, 1848.
The Australian and New Zealand Monthly Magazine (1842) Page archive spanning six issues of this early colonial periodical which dealt with social conditions, emigration and immigration.
The Dead Media Project Database of notes written and researched by mailing members pertaining to various communications devices throughout history. An attempt to catalogue past media technologies so that future generations might remember them.
The Guardian (1844) Scans of the first 240 pages printed for this weekly periodical which described itself as a weekly journal of politics, commerce, literature, science and arts for the middle and working classes of New South Wales .
The Scotsman (1817 - 1950) Complete copies of every issue of the newspaper, including coverage of significant moments in the history of Scotland, major historical world events, and births, marriages and deaths notices. Free viewing of a sample issue.
The Sentinel (1845-1848) Formerly the Colonial Observer, this weekly paper ran from January 1845 to September 1848. Site holds gallery of page scans from each edition.
The Star (1845-1846) Previously called The Star and Working Man s Guardian, this archive holds page scans of the weekly editions 84 to 117 - spanning from October 1845 to May 1846.
The Star and Working Man's Guardian (1844-1845) Page archive housing the first 83 editions of this title.
The Swan River News and Western Australian Chronicle (1844-1849) Later changing its name to the Western Australian. Page gallery from issues 1 to 60 of this monthly publication.
The Temperance Advocate and Australasian Commercial and Agricultural Intelligencer (1840-1841) Printed and published for John Fairfax by James Reading. Site holds page scans from 65 editions of this weekly title.
The True Sun and New South Wales Independent Press (1843) Page gallery of a single edition - number 39 - originally published by Henry Evers on February 28, 1844.
Transdiffusion Network Collection of archives from radio, television and print news sources.
Vanderbilt Television News Archive Collection of network news broadcasts -- ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS -- from 1968 to the present. Copies of videotape available on loan basis. Fee charged.
Voice of Jacob, or, Hebrews' Monthly Miscellany (1842) 24 page scans from the three editions of this publication that had private circulation from May to September 1842.
Weekly Register of Politics, Facts and General Literature (1843-1845) Archive of 310 page scans from this weekly newspaper printed from July 1843 to December 1845.
Yesterday's News History weblog that taps a microfilm archive of Minnesota newspaper articles from the Star Tribune, photos and ads dating back more than a century.

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