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Ask Rain Man the Day You Were Born Enter your birthdate and find the day of your birth.
Birthday Celebrations Net Birthday songs, traditions and recipes from around the world.
Birthday Server Allows individuals to view and post birthdays, send and view online cards, and discover trivia related to the day they were born.
Birthday Spirit For people born on September 11th to reclaim their day for good through deeds, advice, and discussion.
Birthdays OnThisDay Important and famous people from throughout history born on this day.
Coffeerooms Calendar - Remo's Reminders Message boards for women with a monthly calendar listing birthdays and anniversaries.
Decimal Birthday Find the date of your next decimal birthday and an excuse for another party. A decimal birthday is the celebration of every 1,000 days of your life.
DLTK's Birthday Crafts for Kids Free printable craft templates designed for younger kids.
Facts about Your Birthday Facts about your birthday including exact age, date of conception, your tree, life path number and Julian birth date.
Fun Facts about Happy Birthday to You Discover the history of this well-known ditty.
Fun4Birthdays Includes famous birthdays, news corresponding to year of birth, horoscopes, gift ideas, birthday trivia, birthday jokes, and online greetings.
Happy Birthday to You Offers online games and puzzles, printable activities, coloring pages, free clip art, screen savers, animated greeting cards, and downloads.
Ivy's Birthday Greeting Cards to Print Greeting cards for kids to make, print, fold and mail or give to friends.
Lesson Plan: Birthdays Lesson plan for a grade 3-4 unit on birthdays.
Lesson Plan: Birthdays - Customs and Symbols Lesson plan for a unit on birthdays for students in grades 2 - 4. Developed as a student project at Utah State University.
The Birthday Bag Links to gifts, information on parties, themes, trivia, and humor.
Ways to Say Happy Birthday Learn over 150 ways to say Happy Birthday in different languages.

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