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Anne's Guiding Pages - ANZAC Day History from a New Zealand perspective, poems and quotes. As well as information on Anzac biscuits.
ANZAC Day An outline, provided by the Governor-General of New Zealand, of the commemorative events.
ANZAC Day History, biographies and diaries, paintings, photographs, and maps, provided by the New Zealand Ministry for Culture and Heritage.
ANZAC Day The history, tradition and its significance for Australians. From the Australian War Memorial, the customs and traditions of commemorative ceremonies.
ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee of Queensland Committee who oversee ANZAC Day events in Queensland. Includes detailed information about commemorative services, military history, classroom activities and a community billboard.
ANZAC Day images and photographs ANZAC Day parade images and photographs from around Australia.
Anzac.govt.nz A New Zealand Government guide to ANZAC Day. Covers the history of the day, traditions and rituals, how it is commemorated today and a guide to Gallipoli.
ANZAC: A Grateful State Remembers Details of commemorative activities in Western Australian. History of the holiday, list of war memorials and student activities.
Review of ANZAC Day Laws Victorian Parliament review of ANZAC Day laws. Includes a section on the history of the day in Australia.
Wikipedia: ANZAC Day Encyclopedia article about ANZAC Day. Covers the origin and history of the day, as well as how it is commemorated in different parts of the world.

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