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Battlegrounds Games A virtual tabletop software that allows to play any RPG online or offline. It is cross-platform, and includes features like Fog of War.
Dire Press RPG Tools Random generators for use with d20 fantasy and other role-playing game systems.
Dungeon Helper Mapping and dice software to make it easier to play Pen and Paper over the Internet. [Windows]
Eposic Free online JavaScript and Java online roleplaying tools including animated Tunnels and Trolls dice roller, random event, weather, GM decision, NPC rune generators, private dice rooms for online RPGs, gallery of downloadable images.
Fantasy Grounds An application acting as a virtual online gaming table primarily intended for pen and paper style narrative role playing games. [Windows XP/2000]
Garthac Games Creates products that support and enhance role playing games. MageHand is a tool for creating, modifying, organizing, sharing and printing campaign information.
Hamete Virtual Dice Server Generates dice rolls for a range of different dice, with optional modifications.
Obsidian Portal Online campaign hosting and collaborative content database. Users can host a campaign weblog that ties in with tools for tracking NPCs, items, and other game content.
The Adventurer's Diary A shareware Windows database application for keeping track of events and persons the player meets.
The Roleplaying Assistant Freeware tool featuring character generator (for Dungeons and Dragons, Alternity, Star Wars, in Nomine Satanis), fractal world generator, dungeon mapper and spell management.

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