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Chronicles of Arborell Fantasy adventures set in the world of Arborell. Features interactive gamebooks, companion novels, web serial fiction and an atlas.
Demian's Gamebook A list of titles on the web, with reviews and descriptions of many different series.
Den of Gamebook Reviews Reviews for various gamebooks.
Herbie Brennan's Bookshelf The homepage of the creator of the Grailquest and Fire*Wolf series.
Moloch's On-Line Gamebook Features Tomb Time by JH Brennan, and Doom and Gloom by Green Knight.
Ring of Thieves A free solo adventure in PDF form by S. John Ross, using Risus: The Anything RPG for its simple resolution system.
The Gamebook Engine An open source multi-platform engine for reading and writing gamebooks. Also features Lone Wolf: Flight From the Dark.
Yahoo Groups: Gamebooks Discussion list devoted to all forms of printed interactive fiction.

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