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A Day of Pride, Veterans Day, Forgotten Bates student contends that the neglect of Veterans Day is a wonder and a shame.
Annie's Veteran's Day Page Offers a Christian perspective on the holiday, along with an overview of the five branches of service and tips for celebrating.
BBC: Remembrance The history of Remembrance weekend and information about programmes on BBC television and radio during Remembrance period also Audio and video archive.
Education World Holidays Center: Veteran's Day Offers lesson plans, clip art, and links for classroom teachers.
FamilyEducation Network: a Parenting and Education Resource Online quiz designed for elementary school students help visitors review the history of Veterans Day.
InfoPlease.com - Veterans' Day Provides short historical background of Veterans Day, an overview of the wars in which the United States has taken part, and related links.
National Veterans Day in Birmingham Nations oldest and largest holiday observance, located in Birmingham, Alabama.
Remembering Veterans Day at The Holiday Zone Provides art and craft ideas, discussion topics, language activities, writing prompts, interactive puzzles and quizzes, poems, and literature recommendations.
Sheryl's Holiday Site: Veterans Day Includes brief history, poem, and related links.
The History of Veterans Day A chronology of this observance s evolution in the U.S.
The History of Veterans' Day History.com mini-site. Time-line of America s wars, battle maps, trivia, and video clips detailing veterans experiences.
Today in History: November 11 Virtual exhibit from the Library of Congress reflects on the holiday s past.
Veterans Day Online tribute from Military.com includes history, movie, tips for celebrating with children, interviews, and a copy of the veterans bill of rights.
Veterans' Day Includes history and lesson plan.
Veterans Day from the VA Department of Veterans Affairs web site lists Veterans Day celebrations throughout country, relates history of Veterans Day, and provides downloadable resources for teachers.

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