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Advice for LARPers Information on how to organize and run LARP troupes and suggestions on costuming and creating a character within a LARP.
Larp.com A collection of links to established Live Action Roleplaying games around the world.
LARPLand Directory of player organizations.
LarpWeb Resources and information including a glossary and event listings.
Legion of Dreams Live Roleplay Group running multi-genre games including fantasy, 1920s, vampire and sci-fi themes. Contains game information, pictures, forums, and event history.
Starting a Live Role-Playing Game Article by Alan De Smet giving advice form his personal experience of begin involved with live role-playing.
WebRing: lrpring Member list for LRPring , a webring for all genres and locations of LARPs.
WebRing: uklrp List of interlinking sites making up the UK Live Action Roleplaying Webring .

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