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Artpaperwork Gallery of contemporary art created with traditional handmade paper by French artist J.M. Letellier.
Artwork by James Q. Jacobs, Paper Casting Paper Casts are an easy and fun art project. All you need is a blender, water, newsprint, some porous cloth, a sponge, a household garbage bag and a mold. Directions are provided for a simple method.
Awagami Factory Hand papermaking studio. Includes information about Japanese papers and techniques.
Büttenpapier - Handmade Paper A virtual guide through the world of handmade paper. Includes paper history, museums, papermills, instructions, producers, supplies, and dictionaries.
Dieu Donne Papermill, Inc Non-profit studio for handmade paper art.
Etherington & Roberts A dictionary of descriptive terminology used in papermaking.
Handmade Paper Brief introduction to three Japanese handmade paper styles.
Jones on Prairie Paper The Prairie Paper Project teaches a basic industrial technology, papermaking, and it provides opportunities to introduce some basic chemistry and environmental issues, as well as exploring the artistic possibilities offered by home made paper.
Michelle Phillips' Papermaking Instructions This site focuses on simple paper re-making.
Stefan's Florilegium: Papermaking This file is a collection of various messages having a common theme of papermaking.

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