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Alcohol Stuff Offers instructions and rules for various games.
All Drink Games Playable online with virtual die and cards.
Audio Drinking Companion ADC includes twelve songs about twelve favorite types of booze, the style of the song fitting the style of the booze. Drinking games can be played to each song.
Bar None Many different drinking games listed by type of game.
BarMeister.com Large, categorized collection of drinking games including rules, player ratings, and buzz level.
Bingo Boards and Drinking Games Delightful media-based drinking games and bingo for anime, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Deep Purple, Xena, and Friends.
Brew This Collection of drinking game rules and guidelines. Featuring card games, dice games, and party games.
College Beer Games Offers instructions and rules for drinking games.
DebateDrinking.com Political game with rules announced on the run-up to the next event.
Drink Drank Drunk Games Provides a database of activities to get involved with while inebriated. Gives the difficulty level and buzz rating. Beer Pong rules by State and other new drinking games.
Drink to the Credits Suggested drinking rules for a variety of movies and TV programs.
Drink101 Catalog of drinking games, organized by type and name.
Drink-A-Long-A-Grand-Prix A drinking game based around TV coverage of Formula 1 motor-racing.
Drinking Game Zone Provides playlists in different genres. Readers are encouraged to take a shot (of beer) every time the music changes.
Drinking Games Games sorted by type and danger level as well as recipes for mixed drinks and shots.
DrinkingGames Rules and instructions for games organized in categories or by letter of the alphabet.
Drinknation.com Drinking Games Drinking game collection with rules categorized by game type. Includes cards, coin, dice and word drinking games.
DrinksMixer.com Drinking Games Collection of card, coin and dice-based games.
DrinkWiki: Bill Nye the Science Guy Game involving frequent elements on the show.
Drunkball.com Drinking game combining the art of chugging with lots of action. Includes rules, pictures, and forums.
Fun Card Drinking Games Offers rules for two players and games with and without cards.
GotPong.com Also provides pictures of peoples beer pong tables along with rules - and recipes for cocktails.
Hour of Power Downloadable program to keep time during the game.
IDrink.com: Drinking Games In alphabetical order, with instructions.
Keegan.org Drinking Games Offers rules for several games to play while watching certain TV programs.
PBS Drinking Game. The classic Drinking Game overladed onto the classic PBS Pledge Drives.
PinkyMcDrinky Two-person drinking game played with dice. Includes rules, statistics, and list of other drinking games.
RealBeer.com: Games Includes beer games, burps, toasts, bar humor, beer quotes, polls and contests.
Ring This... TV Drinking Games A large collection of TV and Movie based drinking games.
SotallyTober Over 100 drinking games of many types, including board, card, dice, musical and coordination based games.
StudentDrinkingGames.com Offers rules for a selection of drinking games categorized by game type.
Tarfumes.com - Drinking Games Movie and television drinking games.
The Absolutely Fabulous Drinking Game Instructions on how to become intoxicated while watching the program.
The Lawrence Welk Drinking Game Offers rules for game played while watching The Lawrence Welk Show.
The Stupid College Kid Drinking Games, Beers of Choice, People of the Year and jerks of the Year.
Top Drinking Games Rules for genres including skill, cards and luck.
TwoDrinkingGames Includes the rules for games for two or three people, multiplayer, TV, movie and with or without cards.
Ultimate Party Game An online drinking game. Enter player names and take turns following the instructions displayed on the screen.
Webtender A collection of drinking games categorized by type and buzz level .
Wikipedia: Drinking game Free encyclopedia article covering history of drinking games, types of games, and some of the more popular games.

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