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Castle of Spirits Ghost stories, photos, urban legends, and resources. Submissions accepted.
Cold Spot Paranormal Research Accepts readers submissions. Also features blog, haunted location information and details about their investigations.
Creepy Ghost Stories Also includes videos and EVP.
Eerie Tales True and fictional stories about ghosts, demons, and vampires from Asia.
Ghost Mysteries True ghost stories, pictures, video footage, and webcams. Story and photo submissions accepted.
Ghost Source Database of ghost encounters, haunted locations, and field guide. Includes interview with psychics and books.
Ghost Stories and Pictures Collection of ghost stories and pictures of graveyards, death masks, towns, and gothic churches. Submissions accepted.
Ghost Stories of North Carolina Project created by University of North Carolina graduates illustrates legends with pictures.
Ghosts Story User submitted tales, pictures and videos.
Hungzai.com Horror stories in Southeast Asia that occurs at army, camping, building, hospital, hotel, and school.
My Ghost Experience Archives of ghost stories on premonition, apparition, and haunted house.
New Age Spirituality: Short Scary Ghost Stories Collection of fictional and true ghost stories in the form of e-book. Submissions accepted.
O'Neill's Ghost Stories Collection of ghost experience in haunted house, hotel, tunnel, and apparition. Features libraries. Submissions accepted.
Perceptions Compilation of short ghost stories, old and new. Features articles on unexplained mysteries.
Spooky Corner Personal accounts and discussions about ghost findings in Asia.
The Bell Witch Legend of Tennessee s John Bell family and his encounter. Includes biography, genealogy, and poems.
The Devil's Tramping Ground Collection of Edward Bain s dark flash animations based on historic ghost stories and legends from the 1800 s. Includes The Tramping Ground , the winner of Showtimes Network Alternative Media Award for Best Thriller.
The Haunt Archives of fictional and true ghost stories, urban legends, superstitions, and pictures.
Your Ghost Stories Submissions accepted. Famous hauntings, pictures and videos and directories of investigators and haunted locations.

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