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Front Page - Happy Kwanzaa An expose on the origin of the holiday, alleged criminal history and mental illness of its founder.
Front Page Magazine | Kwanzaa -- Racist Holiday from Hell Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson argues that Kwanzaa is a politically-motivated holiday that undermines rather than supports black America.
Happy Kwanzaa! Essayist Patrick Poole of Thought You Should Know contrasts Kwanzaa with Judeo-Christian ethics.
Jewish World Review - The Spirit of Kwanzaa Columnist Mona Charen argues that Kwanzaa is the ritualization of socialism.
Kwanzaa and the Symbionese Liberation Army Straight Dope Staff reports that the Seven Principles of the SLA are taken from the seven principles of Kwanzaa.
The Textbook Letter - The Kwanzaa Hoax William J. Bennetta s editorial.
The Truth About Kwanzaa A critical comparison of Kwanzaa in relation to orthodox Christianity.

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