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Adventure Food Manufacturer of lightweight instant meals for trekking, camping and outdoor. Offers products for specific diets (vegetarian, gluten-free, soy-free).
Athenos Manufacturer of cheeses and hummus. Product information and recipes.
Bear Creek Country Kitchens Gourmet dehydrated soups.
Birds Eye Produces canned, bottled, and frozen food products, including vegetable, salad dressings, and snack items.
C. E. Zuercher & Co. American importers and distributors of cheeses and specialty foods such as sauerkraut, aged ham and chocolate. Provides product and company information.
Cargill Foods Manufacturers a variety of food and baking items, additives, and sweeteners.
Chi-Chi's Provides customers with Mexican sauces, tortilla shells and related items. Includes company history, catalog, retail locator, coupons, events, recipes, and a food glossary.
Cocoa Supply Online store of an importer and distributor of ingredients including chocolate powder, cocoa butter and nibs. Also supplies dried fruit, sugar and spices.
ConAgra Foods, Inc. Food service suppliers offering shelf-stable foods, seafood, and dairy products. Also makes agricultural products and food ingredients, and mills flour and corn.
Condi – Alimentar, S.A. Produces and packages a variety of spices, gelatins, instant mashed potatoes, cocoa, and dried fruits. Portugal.
D & F McCarthy Ltd Based in East Anglia, UK. Supplies the food service, resellers and catering industry with fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products and drinks. Provides company, product and production information.
Fruition Fruits & Fills Manufacturer of custom developed fruit based fillings, fondants and icings, and additional toppings for the baking, confectionery and dairy industries.
Galler Producer of macaroons and Belgian-style chocolate. Products, chocolate information and franchising.
General Mills, Inc. Multi-national corporation. Supplies company financial information, a job section and their social and environmental policies. Provides information and website links to their brands which include Old El Paso, Annie s, Yoplait and Cheerios.
Glory Foods Specializes in producing seasoned, southern-style canned goods, frozen food and fresh produce. Includes store location finder.
Goya Foods Family-run food company offering beans, rice, nectars, seasonings and authentic Spanish, Mexican and Hispanic specialties. Offers an online recipe library and product catalog available in English and Spanish.
Hain Celestial Group, Inc. Markets, distributes and sells full line of natural foods, cooking oils, sugar-free products, medically directed snack foods, low sodium food products and frozen kosher food products. (Nasdaq: HAIN).
Han Shuo Food Co., Ltd. Manufacturers of jellies, and color stone chocolate. Changhua, Taiwan.
Hanover Foods Corporation Independent food processor grows, freezes and cans vegetables and beans, and produces other items. Includes history, products, brands, outlets and recipes.
Home Market Foods Provider of meal entrees, appetizers and snacks for both retail and foodservice customers. Includes company profile, product list, and store locator. Norwood, Massachusetts, USA.
Kahraman Co. Inc. Processors and exporters of dried fruits, nuts, spices, pulses and olive oil. Turkey.
Kolaxo Packaging Get your custom printed boxes designed in your favorite shape, require style & suitable stock from the expert packaging specialists of Kolaxo Packaging. Avail free design assistance from expert packaging specialists to get your boxes designed
Lee Chocolate Manufacturer of cookies and chocolate provides product details, downloadable catalogue, stores and company profile. Syria.
Lezza and Sons Spumoni and Desserts Makers of spumoni, cannoli, gelato, Italian ice, cookies and custom designed wedding cakes for the retail, restaurant and hospitality markets. Bellwood, Illinois.
Marquez Brothers Produces, imports and distributes Mexican style dairy products, meat items and canned goods. Contains a brief company profile, descriptions of products, recipes and employment opportunities. Located in San Jose, California, USA.
Mazelle's Cheesecakes Cheesecake and desserts available through foodservice distributors. Ships in USA only.
Meika Food Industries Sdn Bhd Manufacturer of confectionery including chocolates, candies, cookies. snack and sweets products. Located in Seri Kembangan.
Michael Foods, Inc. A diversified food processor and food distributor with businesses in egg products, refrigerated grocery products, specialty dairy products and refrigerated potato products.
Molda Specializes in manufacturing fruits, bakery fillings, mixes, and dried milk products. Located in Germany.
Mondelez International, Inc. Official corporate web site provides information about its chocolate, candy and gum brands, history, management, company news and careers.
MSI Germany Manufacturer of compressed emergency food rations, and supplier of basic relief items.
Nestlé S.A. Headquartered in Switzerland with corporate offices worldwide. Childcare, cooking, petcare and wellness.
Nestle USA Manufactures baked goods, milk flavorings, soups, refrigerated pasta, beverages, juices, jams, baby food, frozen meals, coffee creamers, cat food and desserts.
Ortega Produces Mexican food products. Features product information and recipes.
Pacific Foods of Oregon, Inc. Offers a wide variety of food and beverages including soups and sauces, broths, stocks, non-dairy beverages, dips and sides. Product and company information. Recipes.
Peter's Chocolate Manufacturer of chocolate items including confectionery, bakery, and ice cream products.
Rich's Specializes in baked goods, desserts, barbecued meats, and Italian cuisine. Includes company background and news releases.
San Miguel Corporation Food, beverage and packaging company in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Includes company and investor information.
Scandies Group s.a.r.l. Manufacturers and distributors of confectioneries and raw material to countries throughout Europe and the Middle East.
Stancho Kolev Ltd. Confectionery factory in Gabrovo, Bulgaria producing chocolates and cookies. Contains product details and company history.
Tharakan and Company Manufactures and sells vanilla, cocoa and coffee bean products. Also, offers coconut oil, nutmeg, pepper, pineapple pulp and turmeric.
The Jogue Corporation Food flavors, extracts, vanilla, and syrups.
Topco Associates LLC Provides procurement, quality assurance, packaging, and other services for supermarket retailers, wholesalers, and foodservice companies. Features contact information for distribution centers and news. Based in Skokie, Illinois.
Tova Industries, Inc. Manufacturer, packer and distributor of dry food products, such as potato products, seasonings, baking mixes, and soup bases. Page includes online catalog and list of divisions.
Tyson Foods, Inc. Corporate headquarters provides company profile and history of the poultry production facility and other facets of its business.
Uhrenholt International food suppliers of seafood, fresh and frozen meats, and bulk-packed dairy products. Company profile, product and contact details.
Virgin Del Brezo Manufacturer of puff pastries, cookies and confectionery. Company history, products and distribution details. [Requires Flash]
Walters Makes homemade nougat and Angel cookies. Pictures of products and a blog.
Wismettac Asian Foods, Inc. Imports, exports and produces a line of Asian food, beverages, restaurant and health and beauty products. Includes a variety of items, such as rice, flour, beans, beer, wine, dried seafoods, vegetables and vinegars. Has branches in the US, Canada, China and Japan.

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