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Yahoo Groups: 1Toiletries Open discussion of all aspects of producing and marketing soaps and toiletries.
Yahoo Groups: GentleSoapers Large membership; topics include handmade soaps and skin care products for people with allergies to chemicals or fragrances.
Yahoo Groups: mpsoap Melt and pour soap group with a strong membership.
Yahoo Groups: Soap Craft Pagan group discusses soap, aromatherapy, toiletries, candles and other crafts.
Yahoo Groups: Soapbiz Informational group for those who are starting or running a soap business.
Yahoo Groups: Soapmaking101 Allows soap makers of all levels to exchange ideas, recipes, problems and suggestions.
Yahoo Groups: SoapPot Share ideas about soapmaking, soap casting and other related crafts, such as aromatherapy, candles and gel candles.
Yahoo Groups: Soap-recipes Members share recipes, hints and techniques for creating soaps and other toiletries, and packaging.
Yahoo Groups: UKSoaping UK group topics include the making of soap and toiletries.
Yahoo Groups: userhomesoap One of the oldest soap making mailing lists,

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