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Billie Ruth Sudduth North Carolina basket artist whose woven baskets, including Appalachian Baskets and Shaker Baskets, are included in the Renwick Gallery, American Craft Museum, and the Mint Museum.
Debora Muhl Contemporary basket artist provides information and images of work.
Nadine Spier Museum-quality baskets using materials harvested from nature. Basketery artwork ranges from traditional to very contemporary free-form.
The Wicker Woman Offers wicker furniture repair and chair caning. Also creates wicker baskets made with deer antlers and teaches caning, wicker repair, basketry.
Tony Stubblefield View the baskets by St. Louis artist Tony Stubblefield. Featuring Appalachian, Shaker, Nantucket and contemporary styles plus a gallery of baskets collected from around the world.
Wind Dancer Creations Fiber artist and basket weaver, Susan Roberts, uses materials from nature, gemstones and unique embellishments to create pieces that connect mind and spirit.

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