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American Classical League Founded in 1919 for the purpose of fostering the study of classical languages in the United States and Canada. Membership is open to anyone committed to the preservation and advancement of the heritage of Greece and Rome.
Australian Society for Classical Studies Open to those engaged in teaching or research in the languages, literature, history, thought and archaeology of the ancient world.
Classical Association of the Atlantic States Unites residents of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and the District of Columbia who are students, teachers, and devotees of Greco-Roman languages, literature and culture.
Classical Association of the Empire State A not-for-profit professional association of teachers and professors of ancient Greek and Latin in New York.
Classical Association of the Middle West and South An organization of teachers and professors of Latin, Greek, and all other studies which focus on the world of classical antiquity, in the Midwestern and Southern US. Administration information, awards and scholarships, and meetings and announcement provided, as well as information about The Classical Journal.
Classical Association of Virginia Announcements, calendar and program, membership information, job placement service, and links.
Council of University Classical Departments Professional forum for all teachers of classical Greek and Roman subjects in British universities.
Joint Association of Classical Teachers (JACT) Teaching resources, publications, related links, and event information from the UK-based educators organization.
Ontario Classical Association A society dedicated to the promotion of Classical Studies in the Canadian province of Ontario, founded in 1944.
Society for Classical Studies Principal learned society in North America for the study of ancient Greek and Roman languages, literatures, and civilizations, founded in 1869. Awards, directory of members, lecture and conference information, classical studies education and professional resources, and links.
Texas Classical Association An organization for professors and teachers, and future professors and teachers, of the classics in Texas.

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