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About.com - Teens: Thanksgiving History The Teenagers of the Mayflower Information about the teens that crossed the Atlantic with their families on the Mayflower.
AskMen.com - Thanksgiving: From Pilgrims To Football Feature includes suggestions for the festivities and history.
Boston Massachusetts Information - The History of Thanksgiving Learn about the first Thanksgiving and how it grew into a national tradition. Information on the customs and foods of the time, including some recipes.
Caleb Johnson's MayflowerHistory.com Information about Mayflower history and genealogy, including an account of the first Thanksgiving in 1621.
CNN - Oh, how that Thanksgiving Spread Has Changed Since 1621 Comparisonn of the feasts of Thanksgivings past with contemporary American spreads.
History.com - The History of Thanksgiving Describes the origins of Thanksgiving holiday traditions including facts, myths, the menu at The First Thanksgiving, pictures and videos.
Pilgrim Hall Museum - Thanksgiving Collection of illustrated exhibits and detailed historical information on the American holiday not found elsewhere on the web, including the Native American Annual Day of Mourning.
Plimoth Plantation - Thanksgiving History Museum provides articles and information about the history of the Plymouth Thanksgiving including Wampanoag life, Colonial life, common myths, recipes and glossary.
The Thanksgiving Story History of Thanksgiving, including proclamations by Washington, Lincoln, and Bradford.
Wilstar.com - Thanksgiving Traditions & History Offers an interactive quiz to test visitors knowledge of Thanksgiving lore and traditions, as well as an illustrated story of the first Thanksgiving in the New World.

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