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About.com: Quilting Forum for quilting with all levels of quilters sharing information and ideas and answering questions.
Quiltart An internet mailing list for quilters.
QuiltChat A virtual quilters guild with an email list and an IRC channel. Site has IRC information and member profiles.
Yahoo : Block Central's Weekly Newsletter A source for quilt blocks and patterns.
Yahoo : Stashbuster The purpose of this group is to support those quilters who wish to cut down on spending and reduce their stashes. Communication is encouraged about projects finished, scrap quilt patterns, stashes used up, and the avoidance of spending.
Yahoo: CyberQuilters Quilters who love finding and sharing free quilting information, quilt patterns, instructions, and designs that are available on the Internet.
Yahoo: Husqvarna Viking Quilters The focus of this list is the art of quilting with Husqvarna Viking sewing machines.
Yahoo: Latte Quilt The purpose of this group is to assist and encourage in the use of the Latte Quilt book. Tips, techniques and pictures in the making of the blocks of this quilt will be the focus of this forum.
Yahoo: Machine Quilting Professional This group was formed to share ideas, problems and issues that impact users of all kinds of stand-up quilting machines including longarm, midarm and shortarm.
Yahoo: Quilt 2 Friendship Mailing list for chatting about quilting and swapping quilting supplies and fabric.
Yahoo: Quilt Talk A quilting e-bee for quilters who want to share their quilting experiences, share in quilting swaps.
Yahoo: Quilting Ideas Chat about the latest quilting ideas, techniques and tips, books and patterns.

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