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About.com - UFOs and Aliens Articles and news including skepticism, classic sightings and history.
Conspiracy College Providing images, videos and articles. Includes unexplained mysteries and prophecies.
CSI: Skeptics UFO Newsletter PDF archives of journalist Philip Klass articles.
OpenMinds Sightings reports, articles covering topics such as the government and space. Lists upcoming events. Also broadcasts a radio show.
Project 1947 Articles and press releases documenting the origins of the phenomenon. Includes links and historical sightings reports.
The National Archives: UFOs Released files from the Ministry of Defence. UK.,
The UFO Times Includes articles and a video of the month.
UFO Cases Provides documentary videos.
UFO Digest Collected UFO video evidence on the Internet and has converted them to Real Streaming Video.
UFO HQ Blog with articles and links.
UFOMG Also covers sightings and science.
UFORCE Newsletter Archive of the e-mail update service of the UFO Resource Center published weekly or as breaking news develops.
UFOs on Earth Video articles - current and archived and a form to report a sighting.
UFOSight Also includes videos, information about ancient aliens, articles and a form to submit a sighting.

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