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A Chusok Tale A westerner describes spending the holiday with a Korean family in this photo-essay.
Celebrating Chu'seok at The Holiday Zone Includes an overview of the holiday, craft projects, printable coloring pages, word wall cards, and literature recommendations.
Chusok: Remembering Ancestors in Korea A story about clearing graves in preparation for the Korean holiday.
Chusok: The Korean Thanksgiving An essay on the background of this three-day harvest celebration. Also explores gender roles, family structure, and North-South relations.
Chu-suk A Korean student writes about the traditional observance and explains why it is important.
PBS Online: Hidden Korea/Ch'usok Offers concise explanation of the holiday, along with a look at Korean burial traditions and the ways in which contemporary families honor their ancestors.
Preparing for Chuseok Offers a foreign wife s perspective on holiday preparations.
Sisters Short story tells of a family divided by a holiday bombing raid during the Korean War.
With a Full Moon A Korean student shares how Ch usok is celebrated in her native country.

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