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Alarums and Excursions Monthly roleplaying game APA (amateur press association) with contributors from across the English-speaking world. Contributors are interested in many different games, including VTM, OTE, Hero, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, VTM, and GURPS.
Critical Miss The webzine for dysfunctional roleplayers. Includes adventures, game advice, convention reports, and free games.
Places to Go, People to Be Internet fanzine devoted to roleplaying, and the roleplayers of Brisbane.
Pyramid Gaming magazine published weekly. Annual subscriptions required to access most articles.
Realms A collection of articles, reviews, and free RPGs, with a discussion forum.
Roleplaying Tips Weekly newsletter offering games master help and advice. Sections include roleplaying tips encyclopedia, a tips archive and games master articles.
Sabledrake Magazine Online quarterly for gamers and sci-fi/fantasy enthusiasts. Themed each issue, regular contents include RPG advice, letters, comic and book reviews.
Solomon's Dungeon Adventures Magazine Index Unofficial cover gallery and list of published adventures from WOTC s Dungeon Adventures Magazine.
The Death Cookie Online Magazine From Hex Entertainment, Inc., the makers of the role-playing parody, QAGS, comes a sharp-witted online magazine devoted to gamer and fringe culture. Reviews, Fiction, Upcoming Releases and Events.
The Guild Companion Monthly online gaming magazine with articles, fiction and reviews. Focuses on Rolemaster and related games.

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