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AP Magazine Reports on unusual events and anomalies. Back issues are also available.
Beyond Investigation Magazine Quarterly chronicle on ghost hunting and other paranormal investigations.
Fate Magazine Features true reports of strange and unknown phenomena such as ghosts, UFOs, the paranormal, psychic phenomena.
Mysterious Universe Covers the strange, UFO Phenomenon, Ghosts and Hauntings, and Cryptozoology
Paranormal Pop Culture Reviews days out, movies, books, games and TV shows.
Paranormal Underground Online source that explores the paranormal, from scientific exploration of ghosts and hauntings to personal experiences.
Strange Magazine Print magazine published twice yearly, featuring strange phenomenon.
TAPS Paramagazine Featuring information on ghosts, cryptozoology, and UFOs.
The Metta-Physics Magazine Features world news, articles covering subjects such as religion, lifestyle, science, art and culture. Archives.
The Object Report Offers news stories related to UFO sightings, ET sightings, paranormal activity and cutting edge science.
Weird World Magazine Current events dealing with the strange and paranormal. All stories of recent anomalies and general weirdness.

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