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Flickr: Eerie, Creepy or Spooky Places Photos of places (not just things) that under certain conditions seem sort of eerie, or creepy.
Flickr: Ghosts Ghostly photos and how to create/ take them.
Flickr: Haunted Houses, Buildings & Other Creepy Places This group is intended for images of buildings, houses, and other dark shadowy or scary places.
Flickr: Haunted Places A group to post photos, links and threads to haunted places all over the world.
Flickr: Looks Haunted to Me Places that you just about know have to be haunted, but you just don t know the story.
Flickr: Spirit Realm Appears Here on Earth Ghost photos, photos taken in a haunted house, or place. Faces in the clouds, Jesus on a wall, anything spirit-like but no fakes.
Flickr: Spooky Anything uncanny and unsettling, creepy, fearsome or just plain weird.

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