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Brain Press Publications Online articles by a master goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain. Includes forums, library, and gallery.
Chasing: Ancient Metalworking Technique with Modern Applications Describes metal technique and serves as a source for updated information.
Hong Kong Jewelry Express Magazine Publication by the Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers Association. Includes products, supplier search, and exhibition schedule.
Instore Magazine Magazine for American jewelry store owners. Includes focused, relevant and useful information and a forum.
Kate Lord Brown Jewelry blog. Personal interest in various types and styles.
Professional Jeweler Targeted for retailers. Subscription information, show calendar, and classifieds.
Swisstime Devoted to watchmaking news and a showcase for Swiss watch production. News, products, and related links.
Wire Jeweller Wire art projects, wire jewelry information, beading, wire artist group, color, ideas, events and wire art history. Sample articles and subscription information.

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