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Astral Projection Forum Topics also include lucid dreaming and meditation.
Astral Projection HQ How to guide and related articles.
Astral Projection Journal Experiences and techniques.
Astral Pulse Forum for those interested in out of body experiences, spiritual healing, magic and dreams.
Astral Traveler Spiritual Consciousness for this level and beyond. Discussions on all the facets of mankind, and the universe.
Astral Voyage Offering articles and commentaries about astral projection, remote viewing and spirituality.
Astraltest.com Tests for the predisposition to astral projections, lucid dreams as well as for clairvoyant abilities.
Erin Pavlina Blog on category of astral projection. Also has readings, training and a store.
Everything Under the Moon Astral projection and OBE techniques, personal experiences, recommended books, articles, and links.
Metatonin Research An introduction to Metatonin, a pineal gland secretion that helps us access higher understanding.
OBE Journal Diary of out of body experiences; techniques and thoughts on the subject.
Out of Body Experience A guide on how to induce such an event. Includes related articles and FAQs.
Out of Body Experience Research Foundation Presents extensive information and original research on the out of body experience, as well as several first hand accounts.
Out-of-Body Experience Revolution Discussing techniques and methods by OOBE Research Center. Free guidebook with short instructions for novices in PDF format.
Paralumun New Age Village - Astral Time Travel A guide to astral traveling, including myths, scientific evidence and personal experiences.
Spiritual Travel Offers an in depth look at travel in the spiritual worlds, including sacred light, near death experiences and shamanic subcultures.
The OBE Outlook On Life Bob Peterson writes blog posts on out of body experiences and other paranormal topics.
The On-Line Astral Projection Guidebook Astral projection journal and out-of-body techniques, by Jonas Ridgeway.
The Out of Body Experience Definitions and explanations of the experience, and a guide for how to achieve it.

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