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Art - Hand Painted Cushion Covers Hand Painted Cushion Covers and Wall Hangers.
Crichtons Craft Australian artist Gwen Crichton presents: gallery, free patterns, articles, and hints. Classes in decorative painting, decoupage, paper tole, plus pattern packets, wooden shapes, and books are available.
Donna's Art Original designs from Australian Artist Donna Gilbertson. Decorative Art Pattern Packs featuring Teddies, Scarecrows, Clowns Furry animals, Fantasy creatures, Birds, Gliblins and the Gliblin stories.
Painting with Carol Swan Techniques, tips and tricks for watercolours and acrylics from Sydney-based artist, Carol Swan.
Society of Folk & Decorative Artists of Victoria Group of folk and decorative artists who meet monthly for workshops, meetings, charity painting projects and education.

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