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Akcia Incorporated Offers information systems consulting services, software development and Internet solutions.
Bishop Business Solutions, Inc Specializing in PC networking, computer hardware and software sales and support, internet design and support, and system analysis and design.
Boffinology Offers technical documentation for software projects, including manuals, help files, web design, localisation and advice on hardware and software.
Business Automation Associates, Inc. Specializing in technology planning and selection of computer systems for mid-size businesses.
Completely Computers Offers consulting for software, training, installations, networking, hardware and web design.
Computech Consulting Services Offers custom computer systems, database development and web page services.
Dawkins Programming Features a variety of sample games and describes software development services.
Destau Enterprises Provider of SAP SD/MM consulting. 4 years experience including configuration. Certified in SD and ASAP methodology. Based in Atlanta and willing to travel.
emarkay.com PC computing, internet instruction, basic information on HTML, assistance with Microsoft Windows, and general research services.
Enterprise Solution Providers, Inc. Offers professional management, technical consulting and placement services.
Expert Networks Inc. Specializes in IT solutions like remote administration, remote network hosting, LAN and WAN development, wireless networks and network security.
Eye Street Software Diversified consulting services company that offers e-commerce consulting services.
EZ Software Technology Relational databases and web solutions.
Friendlybear.com Personal computer shopper, relaxed learning, computer shopping, web design, upgrades, and repairs.
Gauthier, Gary Freelance mainframe programmer and project leader.
Greystoke Systems Ltd Computer consultancy, tuition and bespoke software development services. Includes examples of services.
Info724 Ltd. E-commerce strategy and IT management firm.
Infotech Consultants Resourcing IT professionals for government agencies and business.
Inspirics Electronics design and development services. Located in Redwood City, California, USA.
iPlan inc. Offers internet strategy and business planning for internet or network commerce projects.
jssweb.net Offers help with upgrading, servicing, networking, one-on-one training, web page creation or web page hosting.
JW Tech and Associates, Inc. Computer networking and software development consulting.
KTA Corporation Offers experience in desktop configuration, networking, Client-Server, Win/NT, inter-system connectivity, AS/400 and MVS or VSE mainframe configuration.
Lantastik Consulting, Inc Offers technical writing services for topics including palm pilots, laptops, windows 2000, windows NT, windows 95, users and technicians.
Lewis, Rick Accounting software specialist and custom business solutions. Also, Access / (VBA/VB) / SQL 6.5/7.0, and database programming.
MacLean Design Graphics Provides computer programming consulting for Visual Foxpro and Clarion, database and web site design, and conversion of databases and existing documents to HTML.
Metro Data, Inc. Provides systems, service, network integration, tech support, web strategies, web hosting and design.
O'Leary, Patrick M. Internet Consulting, web/www design, branding/promotion, ISP hosting, tcp/ip, database(oracle),programming, c/c++, php, UNIX, http/html, networking, expert witness, CEO, CTO, IPO.
Paradigm Technologies Provides IT, internet, e-commerce, graphic design and marketing services.
Paremus Limited Specialises in the design and implementation of advanced application, server and storage infrastructures.
PC TechSpec Offers computer repair and website design services.
PeaceWorks Computer Consulting Provides computer consulting to justice-oriented (both for-profit and non-profit) organizations and to small family businesses.
Pine Tree Computing Provides business applications and web site design using VB and Visual Interdev.
Pioneer Technology Services, Inc. Provides a complete range of engineering, computer and network services.
Programmer Solutions, Inc. Offers web consulting, design, and content updates, general computer consulting, database analysis, project management, web promotion and virtual web hosting.
Raab, Fredric J. Develops interactive multimedia for museums, visitor centers, theme parks and trade shows. Provides interactive design and hardware/software services to designers and film and video producers.
Rags Int., Inc. Consulting and education services for TX Series, CICS on Distributed Systems, including AIX, NT, Digital UNIX and HP-UX.
RK Frantz Software Inc Provides custom and off the shelf software solutions for the IBM AS/400 and Windows platforms.
Roble Systems Unix, networks, security, and Internet consulting, training, and auditing.
Rock Islands Offers programming services and consulting for systems analysis and design through implementation.
Rossin, Todd Works with LAN/WAN and web projects and has experience with Microsoft, Novell, Cisco and other software.
Sense Corp Partners with customers to achieve their business objectives through the sensible design and implementation of technology.
SmartSoft Computing Ltd Provides training, consultancy and technical support for Oracle systems.
SoftwareUnlimited Information management consultants for small and mid-sized companies based in Irvine, CA.
SolutionsOne California based consulting firm specializing in applications development and materials management.
Warthman Associates Technical writers for computer and semiconductor hardware and software.
Wharton, Nigel P. ACMA Provides project management, data transfer and general advice to housing associations implementing computer systems.

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