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A Devonshire Pottery Tales of the goings on at Hollyford Pottery, near the tiny village of Stockleigh English in Devon, England.
Anthony Foo California-based paperclay artist shares techniques and thoughts about the creative process.
Australian Pottery Discussion for collectors of Australian contemporary pottery, 1960 s to date.
Bandana Pottery North Carolina potters making wood fired utilitarian pottery discuss work and travels.
Blue Starr Gallery Linda Starr creates contemporary pottery in her studio with detours in cooking, gardening and travel.
Clay In Critique Group of friends spread from one coast to the other, highlight and discuss work from each member - exhibited at NCECA in Pittsburgh.
Contemporary Art Porcelain Florida based ceramic artist talks about design elements, kilns and glaze firings.
Dan Finnegan - Studio Pottery Blog of Virginia based potter working in wood-fired and salt glazed stoneware.
Dragonfly Clay Entries from Canadian ceramic artist Cheryl Alena Bartram.
Euan The Potter The life and times of an Australian Potter, living and working in Mashiko, Japan.
Fine Mess Pottery Lori Keenan Watts of Maine is a stoneware potter journaling about her day-to-day life, inspirations, and insights.
Hannah McAndrew - Slipware Potter Postings from Scotland based potter working with functional tableware.
Hatchville Pottery Cape Cod in Massachusetts potter discusses his functional pottery studio, events and firings.
Jen Mecca's Pottery Blog North Carolina creator of functional pottery writes about the challenges of her profession and motherhood.
Joy Tanner Pottery Journal of a North Carolina potter specializing in soda fired stoneware and porcelain.
Lladro blog of news Blog sharing with you the last news of Lladro current and retired collection.
Musing About Mud Discussions by Carole Epp, a ceramic artist based out of Saskatoon, Canada.
Nancy Gallagher Pottery Wheel Thrown and Altered Pottery Emphasizing Beauty, Form and Function
New Work Porcelain and cut paper by Katie Parker.
Notes from an Apprenticeship Blog of North Carolina based potter Alex Matisse, making wood fired stoneware.
Paul the Potter The trials and tribulations of Paul Jessop, living in the Somerset village of Barrington, trying to become a full time potter.
Pinkkiss Pottery A glimpse into the studio and interests of Baltimore based ceramic artist, Shawna Pincus.
Pots and Other Things Postings by New Hampshire based potter and musician, John Zentner.
Potsblog Studio diary and catalogue from UK based potter.
Potter’s Journal Postings and photographs from Utah based potter Joseph Bennion.
Potters Life Shane Mickey from Bakersville, North Carolina talks about the goings on in a potters life.
Pottery Blog: Emily Murphy Postings from a potter making mostly functional soda fired ceramics in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Ron Philbeck Pottery Musings of a self-taught, Shelby, North Carolina, potter who creates slip-decorated, functional earthenware.
Sawdust & Dirt News from the pottery shop of Michael Kline.
Shane Norrie - Journal Gallery of works and upcoming exhibitions for the Canadian ceramist.
Straydog Pottery Blog by Chris Joyce, a local potter from Enfield, North Carolina. Sharing the thoughts and ramblings of a veteran educator, husband, father, and now novice potter.
Support Your Local Potter A record of the life and times at the Phillips Pottery in Abilene, Texas.
Tara Robertson Pottery Blog postings from a Utah based ceramic artist.
This Artist's Life Whitney Smith, a Bay Area professional potter, focuses her writing on the tension between remaining an artist while conducting the business of pottery.
Tuppy's Ceramic Art Blog of ceramic sculptor ceramic Antonia (Tuppy) Lawson.
Webb Pottery Studio A pottery blog and studio journal of techniques, materials, equipment, photos, events, and other such ramblings, by Alabama Gulf Coast potter Anne Webb.

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