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Astral Perceptions Direct and indirect methods used. Blog, testimonials and links.
Energy Shifter Offers removals and earth energy healing. Information about the rituals and energies.
Entity Attachment.com Offers a self-help audio program. Information about the types of entities and a FAQ page.
Fldragon Works in person or remotely. Services and price list. Information about meditation and testimonials.
Healing Haunted Houses Remote energy worker offering a range of services. Information about energies, his products and services and testimonials.
Paranormal Phenomena At Home Offers distance therapy.
Spirit Release Deals with attachments and possessions. Covers symptoms of an attachment and provides fees and contact details.
Spirit Rescuers Includes biography, poetry and information regarding different types of spirit rescue.
The Soul Rescue Site Describes what earth-bound spirits are, gives information about ouija boards, service information and fees and contact form.

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