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Data Integrity Inc Authors of Millennium Express code cross-checker and validation software.
J. Computer Logic Ltd. Software house specialising in bespoke programming for business applications including COBOL Y2K remediation.
Quality Specialists We help companies and small business comply to ISO 9000, AS 9000, and QS 9000 international standards and provide Y2K readiness reviews.
Third Millennium Finds Y2K solutions for PC hardware and software.
Trinity Millennium Group, Inc. A global full-service provider of information technology services.
Utilistar Technical Services Provides complete Y2K, industrial process monitoring and control, procedure development, computer-based training, interface design, and contract staffing solutions.
Wyant Data Systems Online Colorado-based IT consulting firm that specializes in Y2K, project management, strategic planning, staff augmentation, DBMS, legacy systems consolidation, and systems development.

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