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Daleth A steampunk world between fantasy, horror and science fiction. There are maps, detailed information and stories available.
Geoza A complete roleplaying environment created using the ARIA system. Features include Narrative Environments, an intricate Reality system, and several unique expansions such as an alternate system for handling psychic abilities.
Kalyr Here humans are a slave race, imported to an alien planet and overshadowed by several humanoid species. Maps, regions, languages, GURPS and Fudge conversions.
Khoras Forged from the fires of the Great War, the world of Khoras is reborn into the Age of Legends. It is a world haunted by the cataclysmic events of history and now left with a legacy of dark magic, lost legends, foul beasts bred for battle and long forgotten secrets waiting to be found.
Meln Maps, cultures, religions, History, Calendar, Magic, Links. English/Finnish.
Mythosa, Realm of Mythosa is a fantasy world intended for use in a fantasy role-playing campaign. It is probably best suited for those systems that aren t tied to a prefabricated world (such as Advanced Dungeons and Dragons or Rolemaster), but it can be used for any system (RuneQuest, and Warhammer FRP).
Sheinar, The Confederacy of Born out of a cataclysm war, the Confederacy of Sheinar is located on a archipelago that floats among the clouds. A campaign with aeroships, Plains Elves, and mysterious Dwarves.
Sulerin Hundreds of pages of original fantasy RPG material. Spells, magic items, rules, monsters, maps, and stories.
Telvar A fantasy campaign world that has evolved over the last decade through the play of numerous characters. A virtual travelogue that allows visitors to wander and learn commonly known information about some of the countries of Telvar.
Terèth End A fantasy world for d20, Gurps, and Harnmaster roleplaying systems.
The New Roman Republic The former nation of Nova Sparta; still dedicated to a Classical Renaissance, with the rebirth of Ancient culture.
Thystra Home of Wulf the Freelance and other colorful characters, Thystra is a place of adventure, danger and humor.
Virtual Verduria For scholars of Verdurian, RPG enthusiasts, tourists, and bemused spectators

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