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Beebleboy's Magic Variants Offers many variants to the game.
Casual Magic the Gathering Offers articles including set reviews, a library of Magic novels and a database for homebrew cards.
Danny's Site Provides tips on decks and a worst combo section.
Magic Card Scans Scans of all of the cards in the sets of Beta, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Exodus, Mirage, Visions, Nemesis, Legends, Urza s Saga, Tempest, and others.
Magic Rarities Offers card set information and details about magic rarities such as misprints, special reprints, promos, oversized cards, and counters.
Magic Spoiler Latest spoilers, unreleased sets information and MTG news.
Magic the Gathering Database A list of Magic the Gathering cards including information on them.
MagicCards.Info: The Cardsearch Large card scans with detailed information on each.
MTGO Traders Corner Estimated prices of cards with scans of each.

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