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Are You Teaching the Real Story of Thanksgiving? This article from Education World examines how Thanksgiving is commonly portrayed in the classroom and encourages teachers to look at the holiday from a Native American perspective.
Celebrating Thanksgiving at The Holiday Zone Seasonal crafts, songs and fingerplays, language arts activities, educational games, discussion topics, reading comprehension exercises, and poetry.
Pilgrims Cross-curricular lesson plans and supplemental resources for teaching K-12 students about the people who celebrated the first Thanksgiving.
TeacherLink: A Celebration of Gratitude Assisting educators in teaching children gratitude. This is done by teaching lessons centered around the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians.
TeacherView.com Thanksgiving Offers printable bookmarks, coloring pages, stationery, and shape books.
Thanksgiving Fun Games, songs, art projects, and miscellaneous ideas appropriate for use with preschoolers.
Thanksgiving Information A reach beyond the myths of Thanksgiving to some degree of historic truth. A historical perspective for teachers and their students.
Thanksgiving Lesson Plan Single lesson plan appropriate for younger ESL/EFL students focuses on vocabulary related to Thanksgiving and the history of the holiday.
Thanksgiving: A History of Today's Celebration Thanksgiving history lesson for fourth through sixth grades.
The First Thanksgiving Resource guide from Scholastic designed to teach students the relationship between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans.

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